Basic, easy, tasty, takes 3 mins to make Kazar approved of this one! Plate of Strawberries Mix Coconut cream and sugar-free icing (stevia) Add it on the Strawberries Sprinkle some cinnamon Sprinkle even more cinnamon! And done!! Even Kazar can make this in 3 minutes! Like our sister site muchokids to find out more about… Continue reading #aFresaStorySnack


Yes, you heard that right... I made a chicken noodle soup but added some Asian flavors! Read on to find out more: The ingredients I used are the following: VEGGIES: bok choy baby corn bean sprouts onion carrots SPICES: garlic salt ginger cinammon I added these few things towards the end NOODLES: carb-free shirataki noodles… Continue reading #AsianComfortChicken(Carb-Free)NoodleSoup


Yes thats right! Gluten-Free Matcha Muffins, Sugar-Free Matcha Muffins and Dairy-Free Matcha Muffins... ALL IN ONE! Main Ingredients and measurements are pictured here: Gluten-Free Flour Matcha Powder Sugar-Free (Stevia) Icing Mix Vanilla Pod (take out the stuff inside to put into your mixture) Others not pictured:  2 eggs, 3/4 cup of almond milk Pre-Heat Oven… Continue reading #GlutenFreeSugarFreeDairyFreeMatchaMuffins