Hi! MuchoFoodie is part of muchoworld, the creators of muchokids!

At muchofoodie we love food: trying new things and making new fusions of flavors.

So far we have a few food challenges, which we will be rolling and trying to complete with some of the members of the muchoworld and muchokids team that are already onboard.


“They say you can find food from just about anywhere in London? Lets try the following challenge: Go have a meal in restaurants from A-Z (countries of the world… all 196 of them) in alphabetical order all in London.”

-Laura C

“I love breakfast so… Find 10 different country specific breakfasts within London and review all of them.”

-Clark W

“Find 20 different nationality burgers anywhere in the world (or even make them at home) and blog about these!”

-Delia D


If we get more challenges from anyone on the muchokids team we will update you and let you know how these are coming along!

Hope you enjoy our blog and let us know if you have any comments or questions!


Laura from Muchokids